Chaka Khan's Son Aquitted of Murder

from allhiphop

Damien Patrick Holland, son of famed R&B legend Chaka Khan, was acquitted of murder charges on Friday (May 5) in the shooting death of a teenager during a party two years ago. Holland was found not guilty of murder, voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter. Holland was accused of killing Christopher Bailey, an aspiring rapper, after confronting him about an affair Bailey allegedly had with his girlfriend. Bailey was killed as the two struggled for a gun during the fight. Court transcripts reveal that Holland testified that he never intended to kill Bailey when he poked at him with an M-16 assault rifle. Khan, who also testified, said Bailey could have survived the shooting had police permitted emergency medical workers to enter her home sooner.


Anonymous said…
Damien got away with murder. It was not a party, Damien had 2 friends pick up Christopher so he could kill him. He had pulled the gun on Christopher before. Christopher was told repeatedly not to have any contact with Damien. Doug lied to Chris and said Damien wanted to talk about a record deal. The deal was get Christopher there pull the M-16 on him. There was no struggle this was a rifle, Damien pointed it at Christopher and shot him. The jury was star struck for not finding Damien Holland GUILTY OF MURDER. Plain and simple. Christoper Stanley Bailey's life was not worth anything. I beg to differ, every life is worth something. Is justice blind because your mother is Chaka Kahn.
Anonymous said…
its easy to say someone is guilty of a crime when you weren't there, and it sounds like you are jealous because his mother is a celebrity.
People make stupid mistakes but that doesn't make them guilty all of the time.
Anonymous said…
Jealous? Not hardly. Hurt and angry, YES. Christopher was my son's best friend. Damien got away with murder. He had pulled the same gun on Chris a few weeks before the murder. If anyone was star struck it was the jury. They saw Chaka Kahn. Stupid mistake, shooting a 17 year old unarmed kid in the head, because he slept with you supposedly girlfriend. They should have tried Dana too. It was just as much her fault playing around with a boy and the end result him being murdered. Bottom line Christopher Stanley Bailey lost his life for nothing. I just hope Damien never forgets the image of Chris on the floor dying. Damien you lied and got away with murder. I know it and you know it too. As far as Chaka Kahn is concerned, if this was not her son, he would have been sent to jail for life... No doubt about it.. Celebrity vs. Average = PRICELESS
Anonymous said…
why did he ever have a gun there in the first place? why did he poke him with it? I hope that he served jail time for his involuntary manslaughter. Celebrity or son of one got away with this. Average person would not.
And for Chaka Khan to testify that if they would have done surgery sooner he would have lived? Every doctor does what they can. What and who is she? An expert? HA expert in her heroine and coke use from the 90's.
Brian Taylor said…
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