H2O International Film Festival

video and photos by Gentle Jones

Paul Mooney was the host and he killed it. Check out the first 5 minutes in this video:

dana dane and me

grandmaster caz

immortal technique

ice oscillator

abiodun oyewole of the last poets

mark moog came through with iceburg

cold crush brothers

awesome two

crash crew

dana dane with a clearly popped bottle

ralph mcdaniels came through but did not pop his bottle

dang just alot of legends all night thats hank shocklee in the brown skateboard hoodie

fab 5 freddy

dr. roxanne shante

paul mooney

charlie ahearn, henry chalfont, and fab 5 freddy

davey d

chubb rock

safahri rha

paul mooney's getup

chip fu

dining with the people

lord yoda x of the zulu nation

harry allen

supernat was there

kool kim aka nyoil and dj slice

ice t's wife coco


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